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Heating Up a Heat Pack in the Microwave

Q: I know microwave use is bad. But can I still use our microwave for heating up my heat pack?

A: Yes, look here’s the thing. The reason that I say microwaves are not great to have at home is because sometimes the seals around them go a little bit loose and they’re still kind of pulsating and radiating even though they are plugged in and not being used.

The only way to make sure that using a microwave is going to be okay is to unplug it when not in use and when you do use it for heating up your heat pack just make sure that you walk out of the room altogether.

Q: Is IPL or laser hair removal bad for fertility?

A: Radiation is a problem for fertility. IPL and laser hair removal is definitely not something that I recommend when you’re trying to conceive in this day.

Electromagnetic radiation comes from many sources and is constantly present in our modern environments. Most of its effect on your body is damaging but quite inconspicuous. Damage from various types of radiation can affect sex cells, developing embryos and growing children, and it also plays a role in many diseases because of the damage caused to cellular DNA. This renders the body unable to repair its ‘injuries’, causing mutations that can then be passed along to the next generation of cells.

Studies have connected EMFs to health problems such as behavioural changes, birth defects, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease. Studies on mice show that exposure to low frequency EMFs leads to offspring being born underdeveloped. One theory about how EMFs disrupt normal body function is that they interrupt the typical role of calcium in the brain. Another theory is that EMFs affect how cells grow and reproduce.

There are many theories; however it comes down to the fact that each cell in the body contains positive and negatively charged elements that are kept in a delicate balance on the inside and outside of the cell wall. EMFs disorder and disrupt this critical balance, which disturbs the millions of electrical impulses that the body uses to regulate cellular activity.

For more information on ways to reduce your exposure to EMF’s, click here.

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