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Insights on MTHFR & B Vitamins

Q: Can you offer any insights on MTHFR?

A: In my experience people either don’t know about MTHFR or what it does, they haven’t tested for it, and/or haven’t been told about what to do about it.

Basically MTHFR is a gene and a mutation in that gene will cause problems. It can cause, not always, but it can cause problems in methylation of nutrients and also detoxification.

B vitamins are most affected and therefore your ability to intake, to absorb, and process B vitamins becomes ineffective, which can increase the risk of other issues happening like spina bifida and other malformations, even Down’s syndrome can be increased as a result of not having enough nutritional balance in the system.

There’s a whole lot of things a lot of metabolic issues that can happen around that. It can increase the risk of clotting and therefore it can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as increase the risk of miscarriage and infertility as well.

MTHFR is a complex factor. It’s something that we address for all of our patients who we test and address MTHFR in our practice in great depth. The key thing that you need to know is that taking high doses of B vitamins is not the answer because it can be toxic if you can’t absorb and process it effectively, so you need to take methylated vitamins, B vitamins in particular.

It becomes a very personalized conversation to have because also even in our practice, if somebody has an MTHFR mutation, we just don’t prescribe, “Here, you go. Take that bottle.” We actually look at what mutation it is. Is it homozygous or heterozygous? What level of impact is it having on that person and so on and so forth?

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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