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Natural Inflammation Control for Endometriosis

I’m waiting on surgery for endometriosis and have been taking pain meds to control the pain. Is there something naturally that I can do for the pain that won’t affect my future chances?

A: This depends on whether you’ve got stage IV endometriosis and adhesions everywhere that are causing severe pain, it’s going to be difficult to manage that without taking some form of treatment.

Now of course there are natural things that you can do, and in fact, in our clinic, we do this all the time, treating people with natural products that are designed to decrease pain and to decrease inflammation.

(1) In some cases addressing your diet can decrease the inflammation that causes pain during periods and during the cycle. Eating well and decreasing foods that are naturally inflammatory by making sure that you base your meals on vegetables and good quality protein – organic wherever possible – is the best way, as far as the right diet can assist, to reduce inflammation and manage pain.

(2) While we want to avoid painkillers as much as we can, they do have their place when it comes to pain management so sometimes you may need to have painkillers. From a more natural perspective, in our clinic we use really high-dose fish oils and we use turmeric tablets for pain that contain certain herbs that help people manage with pain.

In terms of pain management, it’s very much about the whole picture as opposed to, “I’ve got pain therefore take this painkiller”. We need to figure out what’s getting in the way, identify what factors are causing/triggering inflammation and pain and in reality sometimes painkillers and pain medication can be part of the problem or cause.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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