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Natural Lubricant Alternatives to Over the Counter Products

Fertile mucus is vital to creating a sperm friendly environment so in situations where not a lot of  natural lubricant is released during or just after intercourse, around that mid-cycle where conception attempts are being carried out, then it is a good idea to use alternatives to the over the counter products readily available.

There are so many different chemicals unfortunately that are put into  personal lubricants these days, which can impact the health of sperm and hormonal balance. Endocrine disruption is the first thing that comes to mind. Some lubricants can have quite a spermicidal effect, basically it can kill the sperm, so you need to make avoid anything that is very high in chemicals.

Avoiding products with questionable ingredients is going to be very important. It’s vital that you read labels and take into consideration what you’re actually buying. Anything with parabens you want to avoid, anything with kind of long, crazy weird names that you can’t necessarily pronounce is going to be a problem.

The most natural lubricant that you can use is actually egg white. Yes egg white is probably the absolute best type of lubrication other than of course a woman’s own natural lubrication because it has a very similar composition as the mucus in a woman’s body and so it’s good as far as the ability of the sperm to swim and do what it needs to do.

Simply crack the egg and separate the egg white and use that because it pretty much resembles fertile mucus. It can be a little bit messy, it can be a little bit fun, too. Obviously you don’t want to use the egg white for anything else after you use it for lubrication haha but you can use the yolk for another purpose later; not at all an issue.

Make sure that the egg that you’re using is organic and if you have an egg allergy, don’t use it. That’s when you would basically go and use something else. There are some natural useful lubricants in the market that are sperm-friendly and that’s essentially what I would recommend in those types of situations.

When it comes to sex and getting pregnant your window of opportunity is relatively small and seemingly harmless additives like the wrong types of lubricants can really knock back your chances of success. To learn how to improve your chances of conception register today for the next Understanding Your Conception Cycle, three week program, available to couples all over the world as a fully personalized, online program and personally delivered by fertility specialist Gabriela Rosa.  The mode of delivery includes workshop style webinar, transcript and Facebook Live sessions in a dedicated group, where you will have direct access to Gabriela to address your questions and get the answers you need to better understand your conception cycle, window of fertility and when to “get it on”.

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