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Natural Ways for Increasing the Uterine Lining

I’m trying to increase uterine lining. Are there natural ways I can increase it?

A: Absolutely, there are things that you can do, and in my practice what we use are herbal medicines and nutritional supplementation. In some instances, if we really have to, we will use medications as well.

However, we try to really avoid that because often the reason that your uterine lining isn’t how it needs to be is generally is because the egg isn’t developing to the level that it needs to in the follicular phase ( first half of the cycle) subsequently not developing the corpus luteum enough to help produce progesterone in the second half of your cycle (luteal phase) which promotes the growth of your uterine lining.

If the corpus luteum is defective or deficient because the egg hasn’t developed or matured to the point that it needs to, then you end up with progesterone problems in the second half of the cycle.

What we work to do is to balance that out as opposed to just giving you something to take to increase your progesterone. Because if we are just increasing progesterone without addressing the egg development side of the first half of the cycle, it’s likely that even though you’ve taken the progesterone, egg quality is not addressed and conception is not likely to occur.

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