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Non-Toxic Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

Since I’ve started using non-toxic natural shampoo and conditioner my hair has been dry, frizzy, dull, rebellious, straw like looking….

Im struggling to find THE ONE! Im not a happy bunny. Has anyone of you lovely ladies found a good products that could recommend?

A: Susan Stock (Moderator):  Hi finally got time to sit down and do this list for you – here are the Low Tox brands that were mentioned in my course. I haven’t tried any of them and still look at the ingredients on the back – I’m pretty sure they should be fine but as I said I haven’t personally looked at them/used them:

  • Lavera
  • Acure – specifically the Argan/CoQ10 Shampoo
  • Weleda – specifically the Millet nourishing shampoo, apparently great for dryness and
  • frizziness
  • Miessence
  • Dindi shampoo bar – probably best for short hair/mens hair<

A: Kristine Miles(Moderator): Last time I looked at lavera it had some synthetics in it

A: Susan Stock (Moderator):  cosmetics/cleansers brands include the following – again I haven’t tried or looked at these myself so always check the ingredients …

BIOME is a good online store that has very stringent requirements for their products so if you can’t source locally or are looking for something try that online store.

BIOME is a good online store that has very stringent requirements for their products so if you can’t source locally or are looking for something try that online store.
Weleda (cleansers/oil)
Black Chicken (cleansers/oil)
Lavera (cleansers, foundation)
100% pure (cleansers, lip glosses, makeup, eyeshadow)
Acure (cleansers, makeup)
Sanctum (cleansers/oil)
Ecology Skincare (made by a woman in Victoria)
La Mav
Zuii (lipstick)
Luk Beautifood sheer lipsticks
Ere Perez (mascara)
Adorn (eye shadows, foundation)
Eco Minerals Byron Bay (blush)
Jane Iredale

A: Kristine Miles (Moderator) Miessence should be added to that list. The whole eco minerals range is good as I have just checked them out. Ere Perez mascara is awful (dry and clumpy).

A: Susan Stock (Moderator) Whoops forgot miessence! Thanks Kristine. I rarely wear makeup and Gabriela made me chuck all mine out when I started her program!

Q: Gabriela Rosa (Owner) Interesting feedback on the mascara Kristine. Any other suggestions?

A: Kristine Miles (Moderator) I am going to try the Eco minerals one. Previously I used Dr Hauschka which is excellent but the others I can get wholesale through my families shop and not buy online/pay postage!

Beware the Adorn waterproof mascara as it has a few undesirable chemicals. They don’t hide the fact but if you aren’t a label reader you may get mislead.

Q:  I have a hard time finding good natural make up. Any suggestions?

A: I use Bare minerals & double check each one I have with EWG. I bought AfterGlow face powder in place of Bare Minerals. Works the same! Actually feels lighter on my face. Don’t wear makeup hardly ever & face powder even less, but when I have…. Still can’t find mascara

Q: Has anyone used Nude By Nature? Is that brand ok to use?

A: I use biologika coconut shampoo and conditioner. Just make sure you put enough conditioner on the ends. I am pretty happy with it. I blow dry and straighten and it feels clean and smooth.

A: I use a bit of coconut oil in my hair with my natural conditioner. It works for my hair, which is naturally curly and suffers from frizz.

Q: Does anyone know of any products that are available internationally?

A: Susan Stock (Moderator) Nuray Miessence, Weleda, Acure

A:  I would be careful of weleda products. Some are great (eye creams), some are ranked ewg 4 or higher and contain fragrance (face creams).


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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