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I thought my only option was IVF

I’m about to do my first IVF consult after finding out I have very low egg reserve and a blocked tube. Pretty much our only shot now. Feeling sick to my stomach. Anyone got any advice? I thought my only option was IVF.

A: The reality is that IVF is not your only choice, until it is.

To be really honest, I’m completely agnostic as to how people have babies. For me, it’s not about “you have to do this naturally” or “you have to go down the IVF path” or “you have to do XYZ.”

My goal, when I’m helping a couple, is to ensure that we rule out every possible thing that we can that is stopping them from creating their outcome. It’s about figuring out how can we make this happen for the couple.

It may, in some cases, look like natural conception, to begin with. Then it might look like IVF or IUI, or donor egg, or donor sperm, or donor embryo. Some people have to have surrogacy. We’ve had patients that have gone through this process so that they knew that they have left no stone unturned. They in the end got pregnant or got a baby by adoption and are over the moon about it.

It’s about what’s going to actually make you the parent that you want to be, the family that you want to be. Whether that happens naturally or in any other way or means, it doesn’t really matter to me. 

It’s about what matters to you, what’s important to you, and how you are going to live your life in the best possible way knowing (1) you’ve done everything you possibly could, (2) that you’ve actually then opened up a whole realm of possibilities that didn’t exist before we met, and that to me, is just so super cool.

That’s what this process is all about. It’s not about getting a baby in any one particular way. It’s about, “Right! What are the possibilities and what is it that I’m willing to do in order to actually get the result?”

It just so happens that we get great results for patients that have been trying for many, many years. People who thought that all was lost, that there was no hope until they actually discovered and committed to another option. They kept the faith. They did what it took, and of course, they then got the result at the other end.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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