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Perimenopause & Conception at 45

Q: With age comes irregular periods and my hypothyroid isn’t helping either. I’m afraid I’m close to perimenopause at age 45. Please advice on things to bring on my period. I’m still waiting after 80 days and feeling very discouraged.

A: Other than the fact that it’s possible that you are indeed perimenopausal and in which case, the only real option here would be donor egg.

Is it still possible for you to conceive? Yes, it’s possible.

Is it likely? I don’t know.

The most likely thing: donor egg for sure. That’s really the thing that you need to look at that and figure out for yourself whether that’s something that you would be willing or wanting to accept and do because here’s the thing sometimes what I see, is that people want to have babies and they want to be parents, and sometimes people get very caught up on the fact that it has to be my own genetic child.

I understand why. However, if you really think about your reasons, your why – as to why you really want to have a baby – could it be that you could achieve the impact, the legacy and the love, the support, all of the things that you feel that you want to gain out of having a child, could you have that by having a child in a different way?

If it’s pregnancy and breastfeeding and all of those things that you want to experience, a healthy uterus, and you are healthy otherwise, maybe donor egg is an option. It doesn’t mean that because you are in that situation that the road has to end there.

There might also be other options like fostering or adoption or you name it. There are many, many different ways of becoming a parent, and sometimes it’s just not going to happen in a way that you think is going to happen and being a little bit open and flexible to perhaps other ways of how it could work is very much a winning strategy.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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