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Following the Challenge by Yourself?

Have any of you got pregnant or currently pregnant following the Challenge by yourself?

I feel a little discouraged because my hubby is not taking it seriously, I know the challenge is changing my life for the best even if I never have a baby, I just feel anxious about it because I’m almost 40 and never have been pregnant.

A: I’m sorry your hubby isn’t totally on board. It does make things difficult to get changes but it is still possible to get fantastic results. Just lead by example. If you do all the housework/shopping, only buy the fertility friendly product. Change his stuff when you get the chance, even if you swap it out for something that may not be perfect but lower tox. It’s still a move in the right direction.

Pick your arguments and just keep talking and explaining your reasoning and that you would like him to be on board. Often men are in a different head space to us women and it takes them a little longer to come round. I would have loved my hubby to be on board 100% from the start but he wasn’t. He came around mostly but there were still some things that he refused and I had to be OK with that.

A: I have only just got hubby to change to a low tox deodorant this year 6 years since my first challenge and 2 babies later, so it will happen.

A: Thank you, that’s what I’ve been doing… he says he will drink the lemon drink, and he says he will finish his favorite cologne and then he will find something natural to smell good… your testimonial gives me hope

A: My husband is not on board. We are not very far into our journey so he is still at the “chill out it will happen” stage. I am just working on implementation where I can, without doing everything, picking my battles and not taking away his beloved things. I also figure even if I make the changes for myself that will still help!

A: I think every step in the right direction is.. a step in the right direction, even if your hubby’s aren’t taking them all at once, it’s a start. Plus, this goes beyond just “getting a baby.” Its about becoming a healthier happier version of you.

A: I totally agree, that’s why I said this challenge is great even if I don’t have a baby. I have diabetes and PCOS and that’s enough to drain your soul, so every little step leads me to a healthier version of myself… I feel blessed to have found Gabriela and her amazing group.

A: Yes, my husband isn’t hugely on board. But I’ve changed a lot in our lives so it’s got to help. I don’t buy any biscuits/chips and my husband will complain when he wants a snack. I’ve got home made hummus and vegetable sticks instead. He grumbles but he eats the healthy alternative. Biggest thing is when he’s at work and all the boys drop into the corner shop and alcohol is a big one as well. But it’s better than what it was before the last challenge.

A: I do the cooking and groceries, so I really let junk out of my list but my husband works in a “guys ” environment that involves pizza, donuts, tons of coffee (sugar) and my husband’s logic is not smart enough to understand why those habits and fertility are related since all the guys do it and they’re parents…

A: Some people need to make changes in their own time. I did the last challenge and my partner adopted some but not all of the changes. He needed to do things in small steps, not everything at once. Having said that 4 months later and we are doing Gabriela’s full program and he is 100% on board. So don’t force it, change what you can around him, make some suggestions, and he will come on board in his own time as he feels comfortable.

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