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What is your advice on preventing further growth of fibroids?

What is your advice on preventing further growth of fibroids? Two years ago, I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks, more like preterm labour, very traumatic. The cause – a very big fibroid and placenta previa.

I’ve since had surgery, which saw 14 fibroids removed. However, since my surgery about a year now, my cycle is very irregular and I’m a bloody mess. Little tiny fibroids also seen on scan and MRI.

A:Look, everything that we talked about on the 14 Day Fertility Challenge is definitely going to help. Okay, reducing your chemicals, which are all estrogenic components and will increase estrogen I guess dominance in the system, is going to be something to look into. The whole lemon drink again it will make a huge difference. Is it the only thing? No. However for further advice than that, you actually need to see a practitioner.

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