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Question about the Whole Lemon Drink

Lots of questions circulating about the whole lemon drink so I thought I would answer them all right here!

Re lecithin – no soy, which is the most common one in shops. Buy sunflower lecithin which you will most probably need to buy online (try iHerb). Meanwhile or instead use a raw egg (except in the two week wait or while pregnant). Be sure it’s free range, organic, fresh and shell washed.

One recipe makes one serve to split in half and drink twice daily. Therefore double the recipe for your partner if you have one.

Essential oils cannot replace real food i.e. Lemon and ginger. Never ever

Drink the whole lemon drink at least up till pregnant. During pregnancy (if tolerated) great too as the liver is very busy during pregnancy.

If you can’t source organic or homegrown lemons just scrub the peel really really well!

Limes can sub for lemons but oranges can’t.

If you don’t have all the ingredients, just make it with what you have to start with and just get going.
Coconut oil can be used in place of coconut butter. Search for ‘coconut butter’ in this group for my post on how to make it yourself.

Vitamin E should ideally be soy free and 1000iu or 500iu if a history of rheumatic fever.

If you feel sick you may not be digesting the fat content very well. Reduce the fat to a quarter of the recipe and build up slowly over a couple of weeks.

If you struggle with the flavour, namely the sourness, try a few drops of liquid stevia to take the edge off.

Any other questions?

Q: Is this drink safe to drink if you are on high cholesterol prevention medication?
A: Yes, totally safe.


Q: I have a question about storing homemade coconut butter. I made mine last night and stored in the fridge to keep fresh without of course thinking about the fact that it would course set. My question, can homemade coconut butter be stored safely in the pantry provided it is stored in an airtight (glass of course) container?

A: Yep or you could portion it out and put it in the fridge to set then once set put it in a container and then just grab a portion as needed.

A:I never put mine in the fridge. It’s only dried coconut in a different form so it can’t go off. Mine will set out of the fridge too given where I live lol!! I like the portion idea before it sets though!!

A: For those in the U.S., you can also find sunflower lecithin the NOW brand on Amazon and jet.com. Just Google it and there are lots if places online to buy. When I started the program, I found it difficult to find in stores as most sell it with soy.


Q: Hi I have an intolerance to citrus, it gives me hives, a small amounts ok but a whole lemon, day after day, I just can’t … Can I use just a small amount ? Maybe every second day ? Or am I just wasting my time ?Q: Can you have lime?

A: no all citrus, I’ve got lots of food allergies/intolerances, I’m not real sure how I’m going to go with the coconut butter either, starting to worry and be discouraged… That in its could make me break out.

A: Here’s what Gabriela told someone else: if you are not OK with lemon just drink St Mary’s Thistle or dandelion tea instead. Don’t get discouraged nothing is insurmountable if you can’t have coconut butter then do the fish oil. Do what you can and do it the best you can and know that is enough.

Q: Is St Mary’s Thistle the same thing as milk thistle? I could not find St Mary’s Thistle tea. Doing dandelion tea now, adding coconut oil to my steel cut oats in the morning, and I take 4000 mg fish oil a day.

A: They are the same thing


Q: Would you clarify the two weeks wait period, please?? I’m not clear about it.. thank you!

A: When making conception attempts the second half of the menstrual cycle/luteal phase will potentially lead to a pregnancy. There is hence a two week wait to take a pregnancy test.

Q: So no raw egg in the drink during that time? Can I ask why?

A: For the same reason raw egg not allowed in pregnancy. The chance is minute but still a risk nevertheless of salmonella.


Q: I found I was getting alot of heartburn whilst having the lemon drink? I have found this in the past when having anything acidic so what could I do in the future when starting with the lemon drink again?

A: You’ve got a couple of options- start small on the lemon drink i.e. Start with 1/4 lemon try that for a few days to see if it’s ok. Then increase gradually. Or you can go straight to St Mary’s thistle tea or dandelion tea.


Q: Can you throw in other things like berries?
A: You can mix it into a smoothie if you want to but make the lemon drink separately then add the 1/2 that you’re drinking immediately into the smoothie. Does that make sense? Also the fruit in your smoothie must be counted as part of your 2 fruits a day.


Q: Is it ok to sweeten with some honey or do you only recommend stevia?
A: No not honey as it’s high GI (honey is a sugar after all) and can spike blood sugars and we want to avoid that when trying to regulate hormones.


Q: Is raw goats milk included as dairy?
A: Yep like goats cheese it’s more a 10% for the soul food but only if you have no dairy intolerances. If you have a dairy intolerance do not have any. The reason is you want to avoid your body having an inflammatory response to something it doesn’t like because the inflammatory response is a whole body response including your reproductive organs not just a localized response.


Q: How do you know you have a dairy intolerance or a gluten intolerance?
A: By listening to your body after you have eaten them. So look for things like brain fog, sinuses stuffy, joints aching, change in bowel motion, overnight weight gain (your body’s inflammatory response), bloating, headaches.

A: I’m intolerant to gluten for sure. Dairy I don’t think so but gluten I get fogginess, some stomach pains, bloating, weight gain… I had an inkling but now I know for sure. Thanks for the explanation.


Q: I have heard that ginger could cause miscarriage and interfere with implantation, is this true?

A: I can guarantee you that if ginger was detrimental to your fertility and reduced your chances of getting pregnant or successfully carrying a baby to term Gabriela would not be recommending you drink it. Go make and drink the whole lemon drink in good faith that it is doing wonderful things for your general and fertility health.


Q: I’m not a fan of chugging down raw egg. I can’t source the lethicin yet so I’m wondering if you can omit this part, then eat cooked egg for breakfast?

A: Just omit. In the drink it emulsifies the fat, enabling you to absorb it better that’s the purpose of it in the drink. No need to eat it afterwards.


Q:My coconut oil doesn’t blend properly I have big chunks. Should i still drink it as it is or any advice how to make it more smooth.
A: try making your own coconut butter as it blends alot better than the coconut oil.
A: You may not be blending long enough or have a blender powerful enough.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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