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Questions About Safety of Slow Cookers

Question about slow cookers. I’m hoping to make some organic bone broth but have read a lot about lead leaching in the ceramic slow cookers.

I can not find a glass one anywhere but have found a stainless steel one. Would that be safe to use bearing in mind bone broth needs to cook for two days?

Q: My bone broth is bubbling away in the slow cooker as I type…would love to know the answer too!

A: Ceramic pots manufactured post 2000 (ideally not made in China) should be fine and contain no lead

A: Ceramic is definitely best for long cooks. SS whilst quite stable is still a metal alloy and does carry a risk (although slight) of leeching if exposed to heat for extended periods. It’s fine for roasting, stove top cooking, just not long cooks.

If you go on to the website of the brand you’re thinking of buying they should have the information re: the lead and its compliance.

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