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Recently Gone Gluten Free?

Q: For those of you that have gone gluten free did it mess up your menses? I’m usually 26-28 day cycle (28 is usually late for me) and am now 30 days. Has this happened to anyone that has recently gone gluten free?

A: Every woman’s menses is different. It’s according to the month of how many days in the month for it to be 21/ 28 or 30 days/45, gluten free will not mess it up.

A: I have learned that anytime there is a major change to your system (diet, exercise,being sick, etc) it can mess with your cycle a bit. With that said, going gluten free is better for you and your cycle will adjust for the better.

A: Yeah this exactly happen with me, my period was usually 26 to 28 day but now it is 40 or 45 days

Q: I was also wondering what going on with me?
A: It did for me the first month then back to normal

A: Keep doing everything especially the whole lemon drink your body is adjusting. This is another reason for the 120 days of pre-conception preparation it lets your body get to work on healing itself and getting back into balance.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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