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Is it OK to reuse the same boiled water in the kettle?

Is it OK to reuse boiled water in the kettle or better to use fresh (filtered) water? Does anyone know? I have read that you must not reboil water so I always throw the excess but would love to hear what Gabriela Rosa has to say.

Gabriela Rosa: I agree with you, especially if your kettle is plastic (glass is best of course) and only fill it to where you need it at that particular point and use it all or throw the remaining water out(waste) and refill it subsequently.


Plastics are proven to cause severe hormonal imbalances leading to fibroids, endometriosis and various types of cancer including (and not limited to) breast and prostate cancers; poor sperm parameters; female and male infertility, birth defects (including feminization of the male embryo), immune system suppression and developmental problems in children as well as early puberty onset in young females — yet many people don’t realize how very dangerous and toxic they really are. The best way to safeguard your fertility and the health of your family is to find alternatives to plastics wherever possible.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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