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Looking for Safe, Practical & Affordable Soap Alternatives

I’m looking for safe, practical and affordable soap alternatives and found this glycerine soap that is 100 percent parabens free.

I have searched on EWG and glycerine is ranked number 2 with no developmental or reproductive toxicity.Should I consider this soap safe or is there another reason that I can’t use glycerine soap?

A: No, absolutely perfectly okay to go with that. Here’s also the recipe for my own fabulous liquid soap recipe that I make up just for my family, which will be a really good one for you to use as well.

Homemade Liquid Soap Recipe

I prefer not to use lard-based soap, I like liquid soap, and I make my own. This lovely recipe is  also the liquid soap that I’ve used in my babies’ baths since they were born. It is fantastic plus you can adjust it to however you want to make it. I buy all of my ingredients online, organic and in bulk. Look for bulk, organic ingredients  and you will find them. This recipe makes 1 litre of bath oil.

You’ll need

  • 100 ml of glycerine
  • 500 ml of Castile soap, which is an olive oil-based soap that’s very natural.
  • 400 ml of organic almond oil
  • 0.5 ml of essential oil, to be honest I actually add a little bit more than 0.5 ml which is 10 drops of essential oil. I probably use about 30 in my 1 L and sometimes I may use more, depending on the smell I’m looking for.
  • 10 ml of grape seed extract, which is a lovely antioxidant and preservative.

It’s that simple.

Basically, I put everything in a bowl. I put 100 ml glycerine, 500 ml of Castile olive oil-based soap, and 400 ml of almond oil – so half-and-half emollients. You’ve got the soap, the Castile soap, and you’ve got the oil and the glycerine, which are kind of very soothing emollients, moisturizing substances, so it’s beautiful in the skin. By using this, you don’t even need to use moisturizer, which is what I love about this soap. It’s fantastic. Then I use about 30 drops of essential oil and 10 ml of grape seed extract. That’s that!

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