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Recently heard someone discussing a vaginal steam?

 Ok this may be an odd question but I recently heard someone discussing a vaginal steam.

I’m guessing it’s where they steam Chinese herbs into the vaginal area to ”cleanse” and improve functioning of the uterus. Has anyone heard of this and is it recommended? Sounds scary…

#TeamRosa: Ladies this is a big no from Gabriela.

Ok glad to know before I scheduled to try it. I was planning a trip. What about body wraps from spas in seaweed?

#TeamRosa: To add to Kristine’s comment. Gabriela does not recommend this for a number of reasons.

1. There is no scientific basis that steaming the herbs into the vagina is any more useful then taking herbs orally.

2 You could do yourself damage if not done properly.

3 If it requires anything to be inserted (herbal tampon) for any period of time, then that’s a no too because of propensity for bacteria to breed.

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