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I’m 44. I had been advised to freeze my eggs… Would you do this when eggs are quite old?

Female Fertility_AMHis not a marker of quality of eggsI have a very good hormone reading after the blood test for egg reserve at 23. I’m now 44. I had been advised to freeze my eggs, but I am not in a relationship. It looks bad, I know. Would you do this when eggs are quite old.

A: Look, my heart really does go out to you because it is such a difficult thing to be able to make that decision or not make that decision. I think first of all as far as freezing your eggs, I wouldn’t actually encourage you to do that. I would encourage you however to decide what it is that you feel that you really want to try for yourself.

I imagine that if you are still deliberating about this, it’s probably because you haven’t really decided whether solo reproduction is really something that you want to do. I imagine that you’re still really hoping that you will find a partner and that you will be able to have a baby and that’s going to be the path that you want to take.

I have a really good friend of mine who at 46 basically had met the partner of her life. She hadn’t met him until them. They basically decided that they really want to have a baby together and she came to me and she asked me, “What do you think that I should do and how do I go about it?”

Before she actually had come to see me, she went to see an IVF specialist who she asked what are my chances and what should I do. The doctor basically just told her, “Look, you know what you have no chances. I think that you should really think about getting donor egg and just going about having a baby.”

Basically then she came to me and said, “Look, I really want to do the best that I can as far as optimizing my chances and can you help me with that?”
I said, “Look. I can, but it really is a hit or miss. We don’t know. I’ve had a few people that have had success, but we don’t know which camp you’re going to fall under and we don’t know if that’s actually going to make a difference to you.”

Basically, she took that advice from both camps and they decided together than they didn’t really want to delay it much longer. They also didn’t want to go through months and years of trying with her own eggs if that wasn’t likely to work, and so they decided to go donor egg and have a baby that way. What they did was they basically went to the US and they got a very young donor. I think she was 20 or 21 and did the procedure to basically get some embryos with his sperm, and they did.

They ended up having little twins, a little boy and a girl.

I’ve had lots of different types of situations where people have tried either way, and it really depends on what you want to go through to get to that result. It really is a very individual, personal decision that you need to take, but I certainly would not recommend that you freeze your eggs.

I would not recommend going down that path because there’s very, very little data in the medical research literature that suggest that eggs, particularly at that level would survive storing. It is also expensive, all of this kind of selective and elective procedures are very expensive, and there’s no guarantee that it’s going to necessarily work.

I don’t want to put a damper on your dreams. It really is not up to me to make the decision or to be able to even advise you on it because I don’t know enough about you other than what you’ve just told me in regards to that blood result. Labs aren’t always perfect in the way that they operate and how they report.  You need much more up-to-date results and then from there see what else you could do.

Certainly something that we can assess and that we can talk about. Over the last decade and a half I have had the privilege of helping thousands of couples overcome infertility. In every single case, we help people identify problems that they were completely unaware of. That’s what we do, and we have a track record of success to evidence it.

We pride ourselves on our results and as such before we agree to consult with a couple we first ascertain if we can actually be of assistance in your particular situation. The way we do this is the Free Fertility Discovery Questionnaire. The purpose of this questionnaire is to determine if we can help you achieve your family dream. If we believe we can help you we will arrange an agreed time for your one-on-one fertility consultation.

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