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Side Effects From Diet Changes

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all feeling as embowered as I am after #FertilityChallenge. Like Gabriela often said, this really is just the tip of the iceberg! I have had a few side effects from diet changes, both good and bad.

I seem to wake up feeling refreshed in the morning, and not tired. I also don’t get tired in the afternoon anymore and don’t ‘need’ a coffee or pick me up like I used to.

However, my bloating and gas is out of control. I used to get a bit bloated by the end of the day and gas on every other day, but by the time I’d wake up in the morning, the bloating would be gone and I’d feel fine. Since the diet changes, my bloating and gas is terrible and I even wake up still boated in the morning. I just can’t get any relief and feel awful all the time. I’m thinking of going to get colonic irrigation which I’ve had a few times years ago.

Has anyone had this happen to them? I’m thinking I might be sensitive to fibre, or something in the whole lemon drink. Interested to see if anyone else is feeling the same.

Gabriela Rosa: This is possibly because of gut dysbiosis or food sensitivity for sure – keep a food diary and take note of symptoms and adjust things and notice the changes. Go through a process of elimination to figure out what is bothering you and you will find some answers.

Thanks Gabriela! I really want to stick with the whole lemon drink. I think I might just stick it out and hope the body starts to adjust! So today I’ve been feeling much better than usual. I was thinking that my body is finally adjusting! Then I realized that for the first time since I started the #FertilityChallenge I forgot to have my lemon drink this morning. So I can def say that something in the drink is the culprit. I’ll start a process of illumination with the ingredients. I think I might start with omitting the rind of the lemon as I think fibre may be the issue….

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