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Sleep Advice When I Work Nights

The importantce of Sleep to your fertilityI work nights. Any advice with sleep?

A: Change jobs is my advice there. If you’re trying to conceive and you’re having difficulty, circadian rhythm issues are going to be problematic and to balance it, we kind of need to shift work type situation.

If there is absolutely nothing you can do, then just do the best to make sure that when you do sleep during the day, that everything is literally pitch black, so that you can actually have that undisturbed pineal and pituitary function that you would normally have during the night.

Q: Doing a night job as my friend always tells me, is not good if you’re looking to conceive? 

Shift work is definitely not great and I will definitely recommend that you go to a full day job as opposed to shift job as working at night is not ideal for the hypothalamus. It’s not ideal for ovarian function, and quality of eggs. The best thing to do is actually just to have a regular job and that would definitely be my number one recommendation.

When we don’t get enough sleep our melatonin levels get out of balance and we also develop a situation where the body is in that state of stress, fight or flight response.

When this is the case then we’re using our reproductive hormones in order to create and produce stress hormones and again that’s not going to help when we’re talking about optimising fertility because the resources that you would need, nutrients and otherwise, hormonal to create the best possible fertility is going to be jeopardised and be utilised for a different purpose than what it is that we need to actually ensure when we’re talking about fertility, hence the negative impact on your fertility.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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