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Will Surgical Removal of Fibroid Cause Infertility?

Will surgical removal of fibroid cause infertility?

This depends on the skill of the surgeon doing the procedure. It also depends on how big the fibroid is and where the fibroid is. Essentially if you’re not sure about your particular situation, the best thing to do is actually to get multiple opinions.

There’s nothing wrong with going to two or three doctors to get their opinion on what they believe needs to happen in regards to the fibroid based on its location and size and your medical history.  I would recommend getting another opionion as opposed to relying on one opinion.

Sometimes as well, depending on the type of fibroid and the size of fibroid, if a fibroid is only 1 cm or less, it’s very, unlikely to cause a problem in regards to fertility unless of course it’s blocking a fallopian tube or it’s in a place where it’s going to stop the sperm from swimming, or there’s a reasonable reason as to why it could be problematic.

In general, depending on the size of the fibroid, it doesn’t really need removal in order to conceive and have a healthy pregnancy. Getting another opinion is definitely something that I would recommend if you’re unsure.

I spoke to a lady yesterday with a very similar question, basically asking what she should do. She really didn’t want to have surgery if she could avoid it, but the doctor said she will not perform IVF unless they remove the fibroid. What I definitely recommend is getting multiple opinions, and sometimes you’ll come to the conclusion yourself after getting multiple opinions that actually you know what this is something that definitely needs to be addressed or no, there is another way and I can choose a different approach.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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