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Taking Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil

Evening Primrose Oil and Fish Oil for FertilityI’m taking evening primrose oil for my skin and cholesterol as well as fish oil. Should I not be taking EPO, which is the evening primrose oil because of the omega-6 content?

A: It’s a great point that you make. Now as far as fertility is concerned and egg quality as well as sperm quality, we want to make sure that we have as much omega-3 fats, which are the ones found in fish.

We want to avoid like the plague anything that is vegetable oil-based because we already have so much of it in our diet. In fact, it’s being said that in the modern Western diet, we have about 20 times more omega-6s to omega-3 ratio.

Obviously, we have chemicals. We have other oxidation factors. We have radiation. We have all sorts of things that are playing havoc with our fertility as an overall kind of population basis. However, I do also feel that diet is a big part of it and this kind of intake is going to be problematic.

Avoid oils that are vegetable-based in any way, shape, or form other than coconut because the makeup of coconut fat is very different. It’s a type of saturated fat that the body actually needs. For your cholesterol, however, this is probably one of the worse things that you can be dosing up on.

Essentially you want to improve your cholesterol, improve your fish oil dosages and improve your liver function because really only 15 percent of what we in take is actually going to increase cholesterol as far as diet is concerned. The rest is because of irregular cholesterol production because the liver isn’t working as effectively as it could be.

What you want to do is the whole lemon drink and you want to make sure that you’re eating well. These things will improve liver function, which in turn will improve your metabolizing of the nutrients and foundation nutrients that are essential for keeping cholesterol at bay.  Join the next free #FertilityChallenge to take up the challenge of making the  whole lemon drink a part of your  daily lifestyle.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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