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The Fertility Challenge as a Basic Foundation


Have you kind of thought, “You know, but I’ve already done all of these things. I don’t need to do it either because I have already been living like this for a long time, or I’ve made this change already and I don’t need to do it again.

A: Whatever it maybe, you may be finding that the Fertility Challenge is too basic for you. Let me just say if that’s the case, congratulations and that is wonderful because the aim for the #FertilityChallenge is that it forms the absolute basic foundation .

If that’s all it accomplishes for you, which is to figure out and to know, “Yeah, this is what I need to be doing, and I’m doing it.” Fantastic! Know that the Challenge is only the very tip of the iceberg of what we look at and what we do for our patients,

Part of the challenge is actually about community. It’s actually about seeing people, doing something, and going, “Hey, you know what, I can do that,” or figuring out what it is that you’re already doing because this is the other part of the challenge is to figure out, “Okay, this is the basic level”.

This is the level that I would like all of you to be at. For some of you that’s like a complete and utter lifestyle change or transformation, which is wonderful because that’s exactly what you may need. For some of you, it’s basic because you’ve already done some of these things or you’ve already done all of these things, which is great too. However, there’s always another level.

If it’s basic, you’re probably overlooking the grander picture, which is (1) that you need apply the healthier lifestyle changes super consistently, and (2) you need to keep doing it because if you’re here and you’ve been trying to conceive for more than 2 years, while this stuff it might seem basic it isn’t the entire answer because you’re still not where you need to be.

You need to ask yourself what are the changes, what are the things that I still need to take to another level, and how can I be even more consistent with what I’m already doing because it’s about conditioning. You are not, and I can promise you this, you are not going to get results until you are consistent and you’ve fully conditioned yourself live this way as a habit.

I can tell you right now if you’re here after 3 years and you’re finding this basic, it’s because you’re not doing that, and/or you don’t have the right strategy yet. Don’t get discouraged. Figure out how can you actually implement this stuff and take it to another level for yourself if you find that this is basic. If it’s basic it’s because you need to push a little bit harder and a little bit further. Don’t underestimate the power of doing the right things at the right time.

I think mastery is all about revisiting the basics and really going through what is required over and over again until your result is yours and until you are holding the healthy baby of your dreams. If you’re thinking basic, rethink your strategy and rethink where you could be upping and improving and doing things even better as you move forward because that’s the answer. The answer is not to continue doing what you’re doing. It’s about doing things differently because even Einstein talked about the fact that we can’t continue to do the same thing and expect a different result.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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