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Three Problems with Self-Prescription


Self-prescription. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, self-prescription is when you do your Google search and come up with, “Oh, my gosh! I should be taking royal jelly, and maca, and this and whatever else.

A: You diligently go online and find where you’re supposed to get it from and what it’s supposed to do and you basically go and buy it and start to use it. That’s a real problem, for three main reasons..

The first reason is because you might be getting something that is wrong for you or that is the wrong dose or wrong amount, that you shouldn’t be taking.
Some of the group today mentioned that when they took maca, their cycle went all over the place. Well, guess what, maca is actually not just a panacea, you don’t take it for fertility. For some people, it’s just not recommended.

It’s really important to look understand that there is a time and a place and a reason for taking things, and that sometimes what you need to make sure of is that you are consulting someone who understands. Every time that you are going to take something you should be consulting someone who understands your case and is able to guide you as to what you should be doing, how, and when. Don’t just go taking stuff because it might be the wrong thing and it might have the wrong effect.

Second,  dilution of over-the-counter products is huge. A lot of times the things that you will self-prescribe with are things that you find in the shelf of a supermarket or a health food store or online somewhere. What that means is that typically you run no risk of overdosing. The reason I know this I used to actually formulate practitioner-only products and I would always do a comparison of the most popular products.

Third. What’s so pervasive and pernicious, is that you’re thinking that you’re already doing everything that you need to be doing to optimize your fertility, all the while time is passing and after a time of not getting the results, you get frustrated. You get frustrated because you’re actually doing what you thought was the right thing to be doing, except it’s not the right thing.

There’s a lot to be said for getting proper advice. A little bit more understanding on why not to self-prescribe and what you shouldn’t be doing is vital. For more information about supplements and fertility join the 7 Day Fertility Challenge.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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