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Thyroid, Fertility & Miscarriages

“I’m 38 and I’ve had 4 miscarriages already, hypo thyroid, and I haven’t conceived in 6 months”

One thing I know for sure is that couples in your situation who have experienced recurrent miscarriages – more than three miscarriages is classified as a recurrent miscarriage case – will have a number of factors getting in the way.

If you’re having miscarriages, it’s very likely that you’re also having implantation failure. It may very well be that the egg and the sperm may have met, however, they haven’t implanted.  Then that’s where we need to really figure out how can we improve not only the odds of fertilization but also of implantation and keeping that healthy pregnancy to term.

It also will be relevant to find out when those miscarriages occurred, and that’s also going to help us to understand and to figure out what’s actually getting in the way.

This kind of work, I can only describe as like Sherlock Holmes detective stuff. My team and I, we pore over the things that are sent to us because we have to piece so many different things together.

It’s about really being able to figure out what are all the minor different things that will make a difference and that’s why I believe we actually have the kind of success that we have as opposed to many other clinics out there who just tell their patients, “Oh, yeah! IVF is a numbers game. Just keep going.” We’re not really of that opinion.

We really want to figure out what actually is getting in the way and that’s why we really take the time to figure out very systemically what’s going on. With having the pieces of  your puzzle to work from it’s hard to say specifically why this is happening or to be able to address it.

What I can say is that absolutely there is hope, and I absolutely hope we could help you as we’ve helped many couples to conceive naturally or supported their journey via IVF.

My team specialize in working with couples that have struggled trying to conceive for over 2 years and/or; experienced multiple miscarriage and/or; have 3 or more fertility abnormalities –f actors that we can help people identify, manage and overcome.

We have a very strong track record to maintain and pride ourselves on our results. As such before we agree to work with a couple we must first ascertain whether we can actually be of assistance each particular situation. The fertility discovery is a free and comprehensive questionnaire that provides us a minimum amount of health information needed to discuss your individual requirements and to determine if we can help you achieve your family dream.

Q:Can you please talk about the effect on fertility when the thyroid isn’t functioning to full capacity.

A: I talk a lot about thyroid because thyroid is one of the most important organs when it comes to hormonal balance and of course optimal fertility. If the thyroid is under-functioning and not working as well as it needs to, what’s going to happen is that you’re going to increase your risk of miscarriage dramatically.

That will definitely be an issue for obviously keeping a healthy pregnancy to term. But also it can be an issue for development of a quality egg, so always important to make sure that we are addressing thyroid function. Essentially thyroid is quite crucial.

Q: How often should I get my thyroid tests done?

A: That really depends on the result. It depends not only on the preliminary result that you get, but also what else is kind of out of order or control. With my patients we might get them to do it once a month until we get ideas of where things are at. Sometimes we don’t repeat it until 4 months or more. It depends on the whole picture.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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