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Thyroid Problems, Gluten & Dairy

Is it true that about 50 percent of people with PCOS have a linked hormone issue with thyroid problems?

I had a naturopath prescribe me high doses of iodine for my Hashimoto’s. Things seemed to get worse. Then, my thyroid doctor said iodine is only helpful for some conditions and so I stopped. What are your thoughts?

A: First let me say it’s incredibly common to have thyroid dysfunction of some kind, it may not be Hashimoto’s.

Hashimoto’s is more of an autoimmune thyroid condition and whenever there is kind of an autoimmune condition, we need to figure out what are all the autoimmune factors that could be impacting implantation for you. Fertilization maybe occurring in your case, implantation may not, and that’s really where we would start to dig deeper.

The main thing about thyroid dysfunction is that in Hashimoto’s is figuring out how high are your antibodies – your T3, T4, reverse T3 – what are all of those things doing. Then we can treat accordingly because it’s not simply a case of  “Your thyroid is not working, take iodine.”

Q: Just out of general interest since I have already stopped iodine tablets anyway. I bought GI gluten and dairy digest tablets to carry with me for functions and restaurants as I feel there must be some crossover. I haven’t used the product yet but could you agree with me using it under certain circumstances? Last time, I ended up with two weeks brain fog after a meal.

A: Yeah, look I think that they’re good especially if you have this kind of response after gluten and dairy. Definitely take it. My recommendation in your case is to go  100% gluten and dairy free, don’t even do a 10% for the soul. If you are preparing meals at home and you know that there is absolutely nothing in there, then by all means don’t worry about the digest tablets (you may still choose to, you don’t need to) however, if you eat out, I would definitely take the tablet, especially with your level of response.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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