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Any specific dietary or lifestyle tips for slightly older people?

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Any specific dietary or lifestyle tips for slightly older people?

A: If you’re 60, yes you’re probably slightly older than the average person who’s trying to conceive but the majority of our patients are over 40.

What I know is that number is really a number. In fact, when I do a fertility assessment for a couple, the last thing I look at is their age. I never look at age first.

I always look first at what are the factors that are getting in the way, what are the changes that are required.

Sometimes I don’t even look at age. Yes, statistically speaking women who are older are less fertile but the reality is this: statistically the women they are looking at for the statistic are not doing any of the stuff that we recommend and help people implement.

They aren’t as healthy as they can be. They’re not optimizing their health. They’re not taking their nutrients. They’re not eating well. They’re drinking coffee, doing drugs, smoking, going out at odd hours…

I don’t go by statistics from that perspective of going, “Because you are a certain age, therefore, you won’t be able to conceive.” I really want to have a look and see, “Okay, what else is there here? Is there more?” The truth is always told by your biochemical results, your blood test results, etc.

If I look at that and I go, “Okay, well it looks like you’re menopausal” or you’re perimenopausal, you could be 30 and be perimenopausal. Again, age is not really that much of a factor in how I work because I look at everything else that needs to be looked at and how we optimize things.

Like that lady that I told you was trying to conceive for 19 years, she was 43 when she came to us. She was 44 by the time she actually got pregnant and had a baby. The reality is, we’ve got at the moment a 47-year-old who’s pregnant with twins. The reality is, age is only one aspect. There are many other factors that we need to take into consideration and can begin to address during the #FertilityChallenge.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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