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Traditionally, at my age, people would say to give up. What are your thoughts?

“I’m 42 and have done 10 rounds of IVF over the past few years. Traditionally, at my age, people would say to give up. What are your thoughts?”

We’ve had amazing success with so many different types of situations and types of people. My thoughts are, if you haven’t completely and actually 100% implemented your preconception preparation before an IVF attempt, that would be my first recommendation to you.

My second recommendation to you is actually again getting clarity about what you would do because again, you’re 42, you can still have a baby, you can still have donor egg, donor embryo, all sorts of different ways of trying to get to your outcome of having a baby. So getting that clarity would definitely be something that I would recommend.

The third thing is actually checking in with yourself, checking in with you and figuring out, “Okay, for me what is it that will tell me and when is it that I will definitely know that enough has been enough.” So no one can answer that part of the question for you, only you can.

The thing that I can say to you is that if you haven’t 100% implemented your 120 days of preconception preparation, your F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method® that is absolute and you still want to have a baby and you still have a question of whether this would be something that would work for you, then I would say that that’s the very next step that you need to implement to ensure that you absolutely know that you are on path with what it is that you’re wanting to achieve.

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