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Trouble Conceiving Questioning Everything

My husband and I have had trouble conceiving, I wonder about all sorts of things I do that could be hindering us getting pregnant. I question everything.

Q:We love spicy food. Could that be causing a problem?

A: No, it won’t be causing a problem.

Q:Could it be that I take my showers too hot?”

A: Definitely not. For your husband taking his showers too hot could be a negative impact on sperm but not for a woman.

Q: Should I refrain from having sparkling mineral water and just stick with flat water?”

A: Life would be just way too boring without sparkling water. I’m sorry. It’s just not possible. Saying that, make sure that you’re not drinking litres of it every day because it will leach calcium out of your bones and calcium is incredibly important for capacitation of sperm and so both men and women can be negatively impacted by depleted calcium in the system. You definitely don’t want to be having sparkling water all the time. However, seriously, you’re not allowed to drink alcohol so have some fun, drink some sparkling water.


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