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Trust the Process #FertilityChallenge

Don’t just hope that this process will give you a better life. I know for sure that it will. You simply need to trust the process.Just get in there and just do it. The people that get the absolute best results through this process they don’t question it. It’s not that they don’t question should I do this? or is there something that I should be doing better? or show me some more information so that I can understand.

Those questions are perfectly fine, they are great questions. But the people that kind of come in and they’re like, “I’m so sceptical about this. I’m so sceptical about life. I’m so sceptical about everything,” are painful.

I have to be honest and this is one thing about me –  over the Fertility Challenge that you’ll soon notice –  I’m honest and I’m going to be honest. Sometimes that’s not always going to kind of gel with some people , not everyone is going to like my honesty. In which case you’re free to leave the group. It’s perfectly okay.

The one thing that I’m not going to do is kind of skirt around the edges around issues. I hope that that’s going to be okay with you because that’s going to happen throughout this process because I believe that you need the truth. For too long, people have been telling you things not necessarily as they are, and I think that it’s really important that you just get the information as it is, how it is, which is how it needs to be.

If there’s any questions that you have about how can I do this even better, or show me some more information so that I can understand, great! Bring it on.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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