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Trying to Conceive and Miscarriages

 “I’m trying to conceive for the last four years to no avail. All tests done say I should be okay. Please help me.”

Generally speaking, when a GP doctor says that he’s “done every single test and everything is normal” it’s generally not true, because most doctors unfortunately don’t test the things that could possibly be a problem. They’ll only test something if they believe there could be a family or medical history for a particular problem. That may be a good starting point, but without testing beyond that many potential fertility issues remain completely “unknown”.

By comparison we have a very comprehensive fertility testing protocol to use with patients and couples participating in the Natural Fertility Breakthrough program. There are at least 50 parameters or tests that may need to be performed for a couple experiencing fertility problems in order to rule out possible reasons or cause for infertility.

Our whole aim is that we want to find out what factors are at play in your particular situation. We look for things that aren’t necessarily pathological, that are not necessarily an absolute problem, but that will have an impact on the outcome when you’re trying to conceive.


In your particular case, this is very likely one of the things that have not been tested – miscarriage antibodies.

There’s a whole lot of them from ANA to anti-lupus to cardiolipin to thyroid antibodies to. There are so many different types of antibodies that can cause a miscarriage. The reason that’s important even though you feel that you have not conceived for the past four years is that three out of four pregnancies end before a woman even knows that she’s pregnant.

Sometimes it can be a very, very heavy period. Sometimes it can be a period that lasts a little bit longer than what it normally lasts. Sometimes fertilization has happened but implantation hasn’t occurred. So it’s very likely that over the past 4 years, you have possibly conceived, but you just don’t know about it.

This is one of the reasons we actually test all of our patients for miscarriage antibodies irrespective of whether we feel that they’ve had a miscarriage or not. Because if there are biochemical aspects that are getting in the way or immunological aspects that are getting in the way, we definitely want to know about them because that’s going to make a huge difference to what we’re trying to achieve.

The other thing that’s really important to mention is that as far as a miscarriage is concerned, there are seven different categories of miscarriages. There are lots of different reasons as to why a miscarriage actually takes place. Generally speaking unfortunately not many of those reasons are actually taken into consideration.


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For miscarriages, the seven areas that need to be looked at are definitely endocrine, which is hormonal based. Then there’s anatomical, which has to do the anatomy of the uterus, whether there are fibroids, whether there is placental abruption, whether there is a problem with the umbilical cord, bleeding, all of those things are anatomical reasons for miscarriage. Then there are uterine defects from cervical incompetence to problems in the uterus itself.

Infections are another very long list of areas to look at and to address. There are lots of common viruses that cause miscarriage. Things like Listeria; cytomegalovirus, which is like a normal kind of flu virus; toxoplasmosis, which generally is an infection found in feces or in soil for people that garden or people that have cats and deal with kitten litter and so on. The flu virus often can cause an issue in regards to miscarriages. There are lots of different ones. I’m just mentioning some top of my head.

Immunological aspects are also very important. Obviously miscarriage antibodies, red cell antibodies, anti-platelet antibodies, and everything else that I mentioned before. Basically autoimmune conditions can also cause or be part of that immunological aspect that we talked about. Then there are of course genetic issues, which thrombophilias can come into play there, which are causing issues. There’s also alloimmunity. There’s ‑ what else? – parental abnormalities, MTHFR mutations. Lots of different types of genetic mutations can cause miscarriages. Many of them, in fact a huge variety of them can actually be addressed. You can actually do something about it.

Then of course, the seventh cause is unexplained. That’s where obviously you need to go in and dig much deeper to really understand and find out what specifically is going on in that particular situation. I hope that kind of gives you a little bit of an insight that there needs to be further testing. There needs to be more information. There needs to be someone really properly looking at what has been done, what hasn’t been done, and what needs to be done in order to ensure that you get the outcome that you really want.

The benefit of obviously our practice is that as far as being the clinical director of the practice, I’m trained as a naturopath, but I also have a master’s in reproductive medicine and human genetics. My approach is very scientific as well as looking at the personal self-care aspect that you can certainly put in place, and we marry those two things to ensure that we get our patients the best possible results. That’s really what it’s all about.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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