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TTC Three Years GP Says No Action Needed?

Clearly something is wrong as we (trying to conceive) TTC for 3 years. I need advise please. We just started the fertility check up. Husband had semen analysis and clamidya test.

All came back normal so he is fine. I had clamidya test and cycle day 21 blood test, also came back all normal. The GP said no further action needed.

Also I don’t think my hormones are ok, as my cycle irregular, between 24 and 28 days. I take the body temperature five months ago and in July didn’t ovulate. But GP sad no further action needed. What shall I do now? Should I tell my concern to doctor, or just do what I learned at the challenge? I am a bit confused. Any advice please.


Anonymous: a GP simply doesn’t know enough. You need to see a specialist who has a lot of experience with infertility. Be your own advocate and ask for more tests until you find the root cause. Doctors’s have a tendency to say ‘unexplained infertility’ when the test they know about come back ‘normal’ but another doctor may do another test that gives you an answer. So keep pushing.

Gabriela Rosa: Darling, that is just not enough testing to figure out what is ACTUALLY getting in the way for you…

  • Q: how long have you been trying to conceive? Xg
  • A: we are trying for 3 years now. I had a chemical pregnancy 2 years ago. Nothing since that.

Gabriela Rosa: I’m happy to assess your situation if you like. Fertility Starts Here. Like I said… there is more to it but without taking a look I can’t say what…

Thank you Gabriela, I would be very happy if you could assess my situation. I will fill out the link you sent, just need a few days. I will have a thyroid test in 2 days time, and asked the GP for the copy of the results, that takes a few days too while a doctor authorise it. So if that’s OK I could fill the questions middle of next week.

Natalia Sojak: My husband and I were also told there was ‘nothing wrong’ after 2.5 years of trying. We were assessed by Gabriela and she found 4-5 minor factors through very comprehensive testing that were affecting our fertility.

Also, even though something is considered ”normal” in a pathology test, it may not be optimal for fertility. We worked with Gabriela and treated all these factors and now have two babes thanks to her and her team. I thoroughly recommend having a review session with her.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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