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Unfortunately this is a pretty common misconception…

I’ve been seeing discussions in the group and people asking about how to improve egg quality, expressing the fact that they’ve got poor ovarian reserve and can’t do anything about that, so that they have to go IVF. Unfortunately this is a pretty common misconception.

I want to begin this conversation by saying: we as a practice are completely agnostic as to how people conceive. Some of our patients need IVF and will go down that path. Some need donor eggs. Some need donor sperm. Some need donor embryo. Some will even find surrogates by the time that we actually figure out what needs to happen. Others will even go down the adoption path.

The reality is that this process is about making sure that you leave no stone unturned, that you don’t fall into the expensive cycle of “My doctor just said just keep going because IVF is a numbers game.”

Do not believe that for one moment. Because when you do you are effectively decreasing your chances to do the best to optimise health fertility and future health of your child.

Look,  the reason that IVF hasn’t worked if you’ve gone down the IVF path several times is because there are things that have been missed. It is not a numbers game.

When we figure out exactly what’s going on, most of our patients who do go down the IV path and who need IVF, will conceive very quickly after doing and implementing all the things that we  recommend to implement in order to provide the best possible foundation for conception and a healthy pregnancy.

That said,  Not everything works for every person and I’m not saying that we have a magic bullet. What I’m saying is that you need to make sure that you’re not just blindly following advice that could be  detrimental to your fertility health.

Every cycle of IVF that you do without addressing the minor factors and sometimes even major factors of what’s getting in the way is decreasing your chances of a successful outcome down the track because the more ovarian puncture that you have, the more of the drugs and hormones that go into your body, the harder it is for your body to actually get back into some kind of normality.

We all know in the scientific community that ovarian puncture increases the risk of ovarian antibodies and antibodies to your own eggs. Again by going and doing multiple cycles of failed attempts, you’re not actually helping yourself.

It’s not a numbers game. It’s about really coming back to the drawing board, in order to put in place the proper foundations. Which is where we can help, in fact helping couples establishthe best possible foundation to get pregnant is exactly where we specilise. I have a deep passion to serve and to educate couples on natural fertility because I know it  can and does make a difference to couples on the journey to parenthood. This is my talent  and calling and I believe it’s what I’m born to do.

It’s by no mean the easy path, and for that reason natural fertility remains the path less travelled. Yet what we offer is the assurance that you’ve done everything you possibly can.

The 7 Day Fertility Challenge is a fantastic start and it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Rest Assured,  IVF is not a numbers game it’s about figuring out what’s getting in the way and doing what it takes to remove those barriers.

I had a patient once she had done 30 cycles of IVF, 30, 3-0, still no result. Despite so many times me saying to her, “You need to do things differently. You need to look at a different perspective. You need to do other things.”

She’s was adamant, “No, no, no. This has worked for me in the past. I’ve got one child because I’ve done IVF, I’m just going to keep going. My doctor tells me it’s a numbers game.”

Not to say that IVF is not the perfect thing for some couples. For some couples, it absolutely is the perfect option once you’ve addressed all the minor factors that are getting in the way because if those minor factors are stopping you from conceiving naturally, and sometimes IVF is going to be necessary if you’ve got blocked fallopian tubes. If you’ve got tight tubes. That’s one of the best things that’s actually going to help you because tubal ligation reversion seldom works, seldom works long term.

You might be able to reverse untying of tubes; however, what often happens is that they often block up and sometimes they actually increase the risk of ectopic pregnancies because there is damage in the tubes. And so instead of the embryo being able to come out of the tube into the uterine cavity to be able to implant, it doesn’t actually make it all the way there. It gets stuck and then what happens is that a pregnancy will often burst the tube and there is a lot of complications that can happen out of that.

In those cases, IVF is the most important thing. It’s the only thing that’s going to work, but not before you’ve done all the things that needed to be done. Not before you’ve implemented and addressed all of your other minor factors because otherwise, you may even have donor egg and it’s going to fail because your health and everything else around you is not at the level that it needs to be.

I know the fertility journey can be torturous. I know it can be so emotional. I know it can be so challenging on so many levels, but seriously apply common sense. Don’t just let your emotions take away all of the brainpower that you have to make good decisions for your life. That’s the key thing that I want you to take away from here.

No matter what happens moving forward, take away the fact that yes there are things that you can do and most importantly you must do them. You must do them all the time especially when you don’t feel like it because one thing I can say and I can say as the honest truth, some of you already have children and have secondary infertility and you know that this is true.

You see, if you find this hard, if you find the implementation of the preconception period and the challenge and everything else hard to near impossible, guess what? You probably are not going to find it much easier to have a child. It isn’t easy. It’s not a walk in the park.

This, look at this as training as practice, as I like to say, for you to be able to actually give yourself not only the best possible chance but also to be able to develop the fortitude of character required when you are called upon it, which is when you have a child. A lot of people talk about the fact the fertility journey is so expensive. Well, guess what? When you’re paying $20,00 a year in school fees and nannies and food and doctors and whatever for your child, you’re not even going to think about what you spent here because it’s nothing.

Again people sometimes start our Natural Fertility Breakthrough Program “Oh, this is so stressful. It’s so overwhelming!” It’s like yeah, but so is having a child. In fact, a child is more overwhelming because you can’t give them back. Think of that. Whenever you think this is hard, just know it’s not going to get easier on the other side.

I get it. I’m not being insensitive. I get how challenging it really, really is. I’ve been there and you hear my story throughout the challenge. However, I know for a fact, I know for sure that you’re here for a reason and you want more; otherwise you wouldn’t be here and that is the truth that I need to tell you so that you are prepared for what is to come your way. That’s the key thing that you need to know.

One thing I will ways do is I will always tell you the truth. I’m not going to sugar coat it because that’s not just the kind of person that I am. I will tell you how it is. Sometimes you will like it, sometimes you won’t like it, and again that too is how it is. But I think it’s better than being told a lie. I think it’s better than just kind of thinking one thing when the reality is something just completely different.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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