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Vaginal pH Level and Fertility

UYCC_Understanding Your Fertile Signs Q: Does vaginal pH levels affect fertility?
A: Absolutely yes, it does.

Obviously, the vagina is meant to be quite acidic for the protection of not only the vaginal cavity but also the reproductive system for a woman.

What happens is in cases where the vaginal environment is too acidic, it’s going to be a problem for the ability of sperm to survive within that environment.

Generally speaking, for a couple of days a month, vaginal acidity decreases substantially due to the fertile mucus within the vaginal area.

What happens is that’s when you see that there’s a fertile or very stretchy, very kind of egg white-like fertile mucus. The whole purpose of that mucus is to actually increase the vaginal pH so that it becomes more basic because the sperm is more basic and it needs that kind of alkalinity  in order to be able to survive within the vaginal cavity.

What we need to ensure and obviously you will only get that very fertile mucus if your hormonal balance is where it needs to be.  And so, it’s vital and really important to be looking at it from a very holistic perspective. If the vaginal pH is too high or if there isn’t enough fertile mucus, there are other questions that need to be asked in order to ascertain what’s going on and to create an environment where sperm can survive,  thrive and swim towards the egg and be able to penetrate the egg.

Absolutely your ability to get pregnant is will depend upon that whole vaginal pH level conversation.

Q: How can I get my vaginal pH right?

A: The reality is that in order to balance the pH of the vagina what you want to be doing is focusing on your diet. You want to eating a balanced diet, based on vegetables and proteins. That’s what’s going to ensure that you are not going to have to worry so much about what specific pH.

Literally just making sure that you have good gut bacteria, that you’re taking probiotics, that you are healthy in your gut overall is going to make a big difference in regards to how the vaginal area responds and of course the type of contaminant that can sometimes crossover from the bowel to the vaginal area and of course that will impact pH.

Ensuring that you are as healthy as possible on every level is going to improve vaginal pH, and diet is going to be a really great way of ensuring that that really gets addressed without you having to consider or think about it too much.

When it comes to sex and getting pregnant your window of opportunity is relatively small and seemingly harmless habits, eating the wrong food, to much sugar in your diet, anything that can harm the balance of good bacteria in your gut can have a negative flow on effect in terms of your ability to get pregnant.

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