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What Fertility Supplements Do You Recommend?

It seems a good question to ask “what fertility supplements do you recommend?” yet when it comes to being able to recommend supplements, I don’t. Let me clarify…

I seldom talk about fertility supplements, not because they are not important, in fact, they are absolutely vital and crucial on many of the couples’ journeys that we see. Trouble is people read this information online, head off to the chemist or supermarket, grab say some zinc and think that’s going to effectively impact sperm health.

Your nutritional needs are both individual and subject to change yet nine out of ten couples we work with were self-prescribing. I have seen thousands and helped thousands of couples over the last 15+ years.

Every time invariably when I see people self-prescribing, they’re either taking too many of the wrong things, they’re not taking enough of the right things, and they’re often not taking the right type of quality or the right therapeutic dosage to actually give them a result.

Self prescribing is only going to work in terms of leading people down yet another dead end. Straight up, when it comes to fertility supplements the very first thing I absolutely recommend is… never self-prescribe.

Once couples talk to us, and realise the important role that the right supplementation plays in fertility success, we often change everything that they’re taking and at the same time take it to the next level where the supplements are actually going to be therapeutic and actually going to give them the results.

The supplements we prescribe you can’t buy over the counter. We prescribe practitioner-only products in the clinic and to our patients that we see all over the world because we know that that’s going to be the best fastest way for them to change their results and to create that healthy baby that they really truly desire.

The second thing is that in order for us to prescribe the right supplements for your individual needs, we need to make sure that we understand more about you, about your case, your history, what’s not going quite right. We do this to ensure that the supplements we are prescribing are going to help you effectively optimise your natural fertility.

Now, with the warning out of the way – I can say…

The foundation supplements that nearly all couples need include a high quality multivitamin, fish oil, which has a high DHA:EPA ratio and coenzyme-Q10.

Those supplements are going to build the basic foundations of what you need so buy the best quality that you can afford. For women and men really on this fertility journey, coenzyme-Q10 is going to be extremely important for women. You’re looking at at least 600 mg per day, and for men, you’re looking at about 300 mg to 400 mg, but again the quality of this really makes a huge difference.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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