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What kind of fertility testing should I ask for?

I have my first Dr appointment on Friday since we started trying to conceive and I am wondering if you all have any suggestions for what kind of testing I should ask for. I’m sure the Dr will have her own suggestions as well, but I just want to be prepared. We have been trying for a year and a half. I am planning on asking for my hormones, thyroid, and blood panel. Any other thoughts?

A: Blood clotting, hysteroscopy (check the uterus)…

Q: Are you going to a family physician or a fertility specialist?

A: Gynaecologist, our insurance doesn’t really cover anything to do with infertility so we are trying to get any other testing done first to rule out some of the simpler issues before we actually go to a fertility specialist and have to pay a ton.

A: Semen analysis.

A: My Gynecologist requested the exam for my husband’s semen analysis.

A: I had my first appointment with the gynecologist. She is doing AMH, HSG, one more semen analysis, and I will have a vaginal ultrasound. GP did test for thyroid, chlamydia and day 21 blood test.

Q: What is day 21 blood test?

A: It’s a test for progesterone

A: Hysterscopy because its a test that will send fluid in the uterus to see if you have a blockage and to see if anything else might be hindering your conception. Plus he is going to get a sample of tissue to test for endometriosis

A: Have you been checked for endometriosis or polycystic ovary syndrome? Also vitamin D levels?

A: These are Gabriela’s top 4 recommendations https://naturalfertilitybreakthrough.com/fertility-challenge/fertility-testing/

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