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What types of cheese do you recommend?

Many people love cheese so this is a very good question/ My answer on what types of cheese I recommend is, none. No cheese, is best.

In fact, I recommend no dairy in a fertility diet. We’ve seen amazing results with our patients, who go completely dairy-free and gluten-free wherever possible.

For couples who are already struggling to conceive we find that it’s not helpful to have foods – like dairy and gluten – that are very inflammatory and impact the way the body operates.That’s why we actually recommend that a fertility diet is a dairy-free and gluten-free process.

Now I know that cheese is one of those things that’s delicious and you want to be able to enjoy it from time to time. And, in that way, you can. Once a month or so, you can certainly go and have a pizza, which has gluten and dairy. The issue is when you you’re having it several times a week, or in some cases even daily.

Any allergens or allergenic foods that you may be consuming right now that you know when you eat, that you don’t feel so well or you have a headache, your body is warning you that you probably shouldn’t be eating those foods. By eating eat them, by continuing to choose to eat them, you are going to negatively impact the way in which your body operates; of course, therefore, potentially decrease the chance of a healthy conception and even increase the risk of a miscarriage.

Good news is that there are of course delicious alternatives to dairy like our fertility friendly almond cheese spread and grain free rosemary crackers. And of course for more information check out my post on Foods to Avoid for Fertility and join us for the next 7 day fertility challenge to ask your food questions of our fertility team.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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