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The Whole Lemon Drink….

The Whole Lemon Drink post is a must read. Existing community members can click here to view the original post on the Fertility Challenge Facebook Group. That post is replicated below for those that choose not to register on Facebook

Dear ladies and gents,

The whole lemon drink is an incredible, cleansing and healing elixir I recommend my patients and members of the #FertilityChallenge community drink twice daily in order to improve liver detoxification. Enhancing liver function contributes to improved health and well being. As a result, the whole lemon drink supports:

• Detoxification
• Enhanced immune function
• Liver health
• Hormonal balance
• Nourishing and strengthening cells and cell membranes
• Optimal digestive health

It is safe to consume if pregnant or doing IVF, as well as throughout natural conception attempts (during the entire month).

If you are allergic to citrus, then avoid the drink. If you don’t like any of the single ingredients in the mix – at least try it – as you may be surprised by the combination as a whole, which in my opinion creates a very palatable beverage.

This happens seldom, however if you feel excessively bloated or unwell after 1-2 weeks of drinking it – discontinue use and replace this ritual with drinking 2-3 cups daily of liver cleansing teas instead, such as milk thistle, dandelion, globe artichoke.

If as part of the #FertilityChallenge you have improved your diet, got rid of toxins and began drinking the whole lemon drink—any changes in your cycle may occur as a way of your body rebalancing. However, you can be rest assured that any change doesn’t have a negative side effect on you in improving your health.

On a side note, also be sure to increase your filtered water intake to 2-3L daily for optimum health.

*** PLEASE NOTE: If you have any further questions about the whole lemon drink, be sure to search the group before asking because this topic has been EXHAUSTIVELY covered for the last almost 2 years.

I actually find it quite impossible that any question you may want to ask about it hasn’t yet been asked. However, if you do your research and you actually have a new question about the whole lemon drink, please post it in the comments below ONLY as any other post about the whole lemon drink from now on will be deleted.

Thank you gorgeous people!

The Whole Lemon Drink Recipe

• 1 whole organic lemon (including pith and skin), well-scrubbed to remove any wax or residues
• 1 ½ cup filtered water
• 2-3 dessertspoons raw coconut butter or Meta EPHA/DHA (fish oil—not cod liver oil)
• 1 heaped dessertspoon lecithin (Avoid soy based lecithin, sunflower based is OK and if you cannot find either, you can instead use a raw egg if not currently trying to conceive or you can omit it all together – although it is ideal to use one of the other options if possible)
• 1 capsule of vitamin E (whole into the blender; you can use a 1000IU capsule if you have never had rheumatic fever; alternatively use 500IU only)
• 1 knob of fresh ginger (approximately golf ball size)

post-picture-for-the-whole-lemon-drink-information-postCut lemon into small pieces, combine all ingredients and blend in your blender for 20-40 seconds. Strain and discard the pulp (or add it to smoothies if you wish; or simply blend a little longer and no need to strain at all).

Consume ½ of the liquid before or with breakfast and the rest for dinner. Store the remainder in a clean glass container* in the fridge. Always consume the total amount within 24 hours to prevent rancidity and too much oxidation.

*Ideally the glass container should be as full of the drink as possible to decrease the amount of air, which speeds up oxidation.

Some of the other benefits of the Whole Lemon Drink:

• Decreases blood acidity – despite lemon juice being acidic
• The oils provide essential fatty acids for immune function; cell integrity; for dry skin, etc.
• D-limonene in the peel has anti-cancer effects.
• The pectin helps emulsify the oils and chelates toxins from the bowel
• Lemon peel contains OPCs (oligomeric proanthocyanidins) – powerful antioxidants with antihistamine effects
• Lecithin acts on the liver (esp. Fatty liver) and nervous system (peripheral neuropathy) as well as the kidneys and brain, plus helps the oils absorb better.
• Lecithin also helps with increased cholesterol and triglycerides
• The choline in lecithin provides raw material for liver detox pathways
• The drink helps decrease swollen glands; increases energy; helps lift depression and anxiety.
• Helps with insomnia; increases appetite (only where there is poor appetite)
• Helps with weight normalization
• Frequently raises cd4 counts (immune system)
• Decreases TNF and therefore inflammation and therefore wasting
• The oils in the citrus skin glands help the liver detox more effectively

One amazing brew; cheap; simple; safe & effective!

Q: Can I use lime instead of lemon.”

A: Yes, lime is perfectly okay. Go for gold. It’s delicious.

Q: How long can we store the whole lemon drink before it oxidizes?

A: Ideally drink it within 12 hours, and within 24 hours max.

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