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"…Diagnosed with PCOS…told I only had a 10 percent chance to have kids…"


I am so excited to be part of a proactive group like this. I was diagnosed with PCOS around the time I was 15. I was given birth control to ”fix” my issues, but it never worked.

I still had irregular almost non-existent periods and was told I only had a 10% chance to have kids, maybe 25% with medical help. Since that time I have grown, found God, and have lost 47lbs.

Earlier this year I was told I may have had a miscarriage because all the test came back negative, but the ultrasound showed a spot where the placenta may have been.

My husband and I want to start actively trying to conceive after the end of the year. I know I have a long way to go, but I am so thankful for opportunity to be part of the group!

#TeamRosa: Welcome loving your positive attitude!!! You are so in the right place to make some monumental changes. Participation is the key here.

Gabriela Rosa: Yes… that kind of ”fixing” never really fixes much unfortunately. So happy to have you here! Let’s #GSD together #TeamRosa #ALLTHEWAY

#TeamRosa: Hello and welcome I get so sad when I hear that Drs give birth control for PCOS. I was in the same boat. I now have two beautiful kids, thanks to Gabriela. There is so much content here for you and congratulations on committing to working proactively for your fertility and health.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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