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Act like I’m pregnant to be pregnant

act like I'm pregnant testimonial

Today is the day I’m going to act like I’m pregnant to be pregnant. Gabriela Rosa I want to thank you for this program for finding me and to all the support on this page thank you too.

Day 5 today is by far my hardest day, by the time I got done I was literally bawling my eyes out. You see this picture is my dad’s heart it has his ashes in it.

My daughter and father died the same year 6 months apart. I didn’t realize the questions to ask myself but seeing today’s video made me bring these issues up. I think I thought I would breeze through and be pregnant 1 month after my miscarriage when that didn’t happen I blamed God.

After today’s video I know it was things I was doing to myself that made it not possible. I wasn’t sleeping right, I wasn’t eating right. And I put a wall up to not let anyone or anything in. Today I realized I take my own actions in my own hands. And I need to realize when my walls come down is when what I want most to be a mom again.

I have spent countless hours worrying and countless dollars on tests and everything. Starting today I am going to do things for myself and family.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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