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"…Thank you for your empowering videos that challenge me to learn & improve…"

14dayfertilitychallenge_what-we-learn_so-much-power-is-taken-away-when-youre-out-of-control-with-your-fertility challenge me to learn_anon

Anon: Ok so of late, I’ve been really quiet as I adjust & take on board the 14 day fertility challenge. Trust me, I’ve been listening & reading & DOING, over & over! There’s been so many learnings over the past 12 days making it hard to pinpoint my biggest, however I must admit that disruptive chemicals was something I had never really given that much thought about, so learning this information was most beneficial in my case.

I guess my biggest accomplishment though, over the past 12 days, has been the realization that I’m in complete control of my mind, my thoughts, my determination & my dream that I equally share with my husband.

Gabriela, thank you for your efforts & your empowering videos that challenge me to learn & improve. It must be so rewarding for you, knowing that you are helping people build their dreams.

Anon: Our biggest learning curve was food as well as the chemicals. Who knew all that could be a factor in conceiving? It’s just mind blowing. As well as day 11 being a massive eye opener! 100% getting onto our GPS to get this sorted.


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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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