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"…chemicals and their effect on the endocrine system…"


My biggest learnings have definitely been with regards to household items/chemicals and their effect on the endocrine system. Although pretty obvious when you think about it. It wasn’t something I had really taken control of changing.

… I loved your video yesterday about the thyroid function as I have had a feeling for some time mine my not be functioning as it should. Today you really highlighted to me the importance of not comparing myself to others…again, although obvious, it has been something I have been struggling with since starting the TTC journey and something I will need to continue to work on in the coming months.

Thanks for giving me hope Gabriela.


Anon: My biggest learning curve is to stop self prescribing and follow professional advice. I have always been given a lot of dud ”professional advice” from naturopaths that have made things worse. So I feel it’s about digging deep to find the right people to support and guide us.

The people you describe who get pregnant on drugs and alcohol, that is an area I am constantly exposed to in the work I do. My work has taught me there is no rhyme or reason why, but there are things that we can try to make the biggest attempts of our lives, the final push to work our butts of and try and get this dream.

The challenge has taught me that if the dream doesn’t happen, life is still amazing and other dreams will grow

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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