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Feeling Empowered, Supported & Thankful

fertility challenge_testimonials_feeling-empowered-supported-and-thankful-for-being-a-part-of-the-fertility challenge


I’m not giving up or going backwards –  I ‘m acknowledging and appreciating what we’ve done so far and building on it and we will carry on building and moving forwards towards our dreams feeling empowered, supported and thankful for being part of the Fertility Challenge

We were on holiday during the challenge so started half way through but implemented what we could, bought new cleaning products, glass containers for food, new cast iron pans, banned the microwave (never really used it much – other half hates them!), no alcohol or coffee for me since holiday (other half improving!), we’ve been eating healthily and been swigging down the lemon drink…then I wobbled and felt very overwhelmed and seemed to focus on what I wasn’t doing…

then came the latest Fertility Challenge and a serious word to myself about what I had already done and I felt proud and determined – I may have stalled but I definitely hadn’t gone backwards and I was even more determined to keep going forwards, with more focus and armed with more knowledge.

Micron filter delivered tomorrow, chemical cleaners now removed, (not just hidden at the back of the cupboard), exercise improving, food shopping getting easier, even heard myself in work saying ‘well if you don’t make changes how can you expect a different outcome!

Next step tackle makeup (I’ve made baby steps… if only using mascara on my top lashes counts – it’s 50% better right?)/ Tackle other half (he’s supportive and on board with changes but needs a gentle shove – well big shove to cut the alcohol / coffee completely) and tackle stress (we both need to manage stress levels better


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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