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"…knowing that I’m not alone and amongst a great group of supportive people…"



Sitting here reading everyone’s posts and knowing that I’m not alone and amongst a great group of supportive people with great advice.

I’m  doing this to pass the time whilst scanning in my results page by page for Gabriela Rosa. So many pages but thinking positive will be worth it.

Being part of a supportive community can and does make a huge difference for many of the couples we work with. Join us for the next #FertilityChallenge to gain access to our Private Facebook Group.

You’ll gain access to world class fertility expertise, in the form of Gabriela Rosa herself, as well as the support and guidance of our wonderful team of moderators.

Women who have faced fertility challenges and overcome them. Women who now volunteer their time, experience wisdom and love to support others on this journey, because they know, as we do, that there absolutely is hope.

We might not even see or hear from you there, and that’s OK.

Just know that there is always a place here for you to come listen, watch, read and see the stories of other people that are struggling/despairing/celebrating/succeeding on the natural fertility path…

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

We help couples struggling with fertility difficulties and recurrent miscarriages for over 2 years take home healthy babies, even when other treatments have failed. The Fertility Challenge online event is FREE and works to redefine fertility and empower couples through a proven, interactive and transformational 12-day journey on their path to parenthood. We have now successfully educated and inspired over 100,000 people in 100+ countries toward their dream of becoming a parent. Click Here to Register Today.