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" have lost 7kg…my husband lost 10kg…"




When I was first told I had PCOS the attitudes from professionals was I was too young to want children so not to bother about it. I was told not to eat bread, cheese, don’t drink milk, eat no fat at all and try keep weight down. ”come back when you want to have a baby” And that was it. Diagnosis from blood test and a ultrasound scan when I was 16/17.

And I suppose if I did want children then it would be fine. But all I get now is lose weight. I suppose now I’m 30 I should know better! But the GP won’t send me to the fertility clinic until my BMI fits the requirements so the need to lose weight is pressing for me. I would like to loose another stone and then get my bloods done. I know it’s all my fault #FertilityChallenge

Gabriela Rosa: Let me put it this way…You have way more control than you initially thought and THAT is AWESOME!! #FertilityChallenge is totally for you!! #TeamRosa

– My fault for gaining so much weight, but it feels great seeing it all dropping off, my time will come. Seriously, thank you for giving up your time and doing this

#TeamRosa: If you follow the eating plans or similar, you WILL lose weight! I was not overweight but in 5 months have lost 7 kg – that’s over a stone and that’s not needing to or even trying! My husband lost 10kg. It will happen. It just takes commitment. You can do it!

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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