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My biggest learning curve…so many minor factors

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Anon: What I have learned throughout this challenge and what has finally sunk in? Well…

I got lazy, I lacked commitment pretty much. I knew all the things that were not good for my health. My bookshelf is full of wonderful resources. I had tried this and that but I did not stick with it.

When I met my partner things changed. It became less about looking after myself in the way that I had done previously (incredibly disciplined) and more about looking after others.

I got lazy! I battled with myself, I battled my partner and still do. Over the things we should or should not be doing. I learn’t that all these factors, outlined in the challenge combined could be having a huge impact on my success to get pregnant and keep a healthy pregnancy.

Diet and nutrition wise, I knew what was not so good for my issues and I tried this and that over the years and kept falling off the wagon. I also come to find some of the practices and things I was consuming, are not okay when trying to conceive.

Chemicals, well I knew they were not good but to the extent of affecting my fertility I did not realise they have such a major impact. I had switched over certain self care products over the past few years but I never actually got around to ditching and switching my entire cleaning collection like I have now.

What has sunk in for me is that not only was I half-assing it, but I was not aware that all these minor factors, all these things combined were a freakin’shit storm on my fertility.

So here I am having had a good ole, well needed, well intentioned kick up the butt by this challenge and I am happy to say I am well on my way to being back on track. It’s changing my partners behaviours that I have and still continue to struggle with until he finally gets it and catches up.

Anon: My biggest learning  curve to date is the fact there can be so many minor factors leading up to why you are unable to conceive a baby you always hear about the PCOS and Endo but you never hear of the gluten, of the dairy, or the fact that they hide so much bad stuff in food that you think is okay for you. This whole process has been such a eye opener for me and now I wish I had done this earlier

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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