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My biggest learning…that I cannot do this alone


Anon: My biggest learning has been around the fact that I cannot do this alone…for a long time, too long really I’ve placed the weight of making all these changes solely on my own shoulders, stressing and overwhelming myself in the process.

Not only do I now fully recognise that I need to seek and accept expert help, but that this really is a team effort. I’ve made so many excuses for my husband in the past, believing that because  his semen analysis was great that I am the reason that we keep losing babies. Hearing that it’s 50/50 was a total game changer for me.

I need my husband’s support and participation and not from the sidelines either it’s taken him a week or so to fully get on board (another italian not wanting to give up gluten and dairy) but he’s there now and I know we can make this work together.

Anon: My lightbulb moment came on day 5 when I realised that I really have to do this…me! No one else is going to do this for me, so if I want, I have to work for it! I love everything this challenge has brought forward for me, ive made so many changes, just got to keep going now. It’s time to GSD

Anon: What I have been learning from the day one of this challenge that some things impact on the health of fertility in females and males… such as negative emotion and mentality can be a big issue on fertility…Another thing, thank you for the lemon drink recipe…Hopefully, there are more things that I can learn

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