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“I now believe that I can take control of my own fertility”

believe I can take control of my own fertility

I have learnt a lot of new information through the fertility challenge. The biggest aha moment is probably that I now believe that I can take control of my own fertility.

There are ways and options I can do to get closer to my dream. Also I learnt, through listening to Gabriela’s own story, is that if your intention is strong enough and your attention is there, you take action and it will happen…

I started implementing the dairy free diet (I have already been gluten free). I am now watching out on trans-fat and avoiding chemicals in products I use and gradually getting rid of plastic boxes from kitchen…

I am sure there is still much more I could do… definitely this program is eye-opening for me! Thank you so much for having the opportunity to learn all of this!

Anon: The biggest thing I have learned is just that I have so many options and really, how many changes I still have the option of making like everyone, I thought I was making A  LOT of good choices. How sweet to find out what I should and can actually be doing. The food, exercise and sleep stuff was probably stuff I knew but didn’t commit to but the attitudinal and changes in chemicals in my home has been revolutionary

Anon:… once again listen to all videos from day 1 and it was super heartwarming and informative for us to listen to them again: the first thing we learned through this challenge was that we should stop guessing why we are not getting pregnant rather doing medical investigation of why pregnancy is not happening for us.

#2 There are multiple minor factors which contributes in not getting pregnant

#3 The importance of avoiding trans-fat in our diet.

#4 How to optimize my sleep quality and this issue is a  chronic one for me

#5 We can take control of every aspect of our life even the one which seems can not be controlled…

#6 The negative impact all chemical products have in our fertility.

And finally #7 just enjoy the ride of being on fertility journey will all its challenges and ups and down. As the whole life is so full of challenges but still we can embrace every single moment of it as life is precious.


In the last three years, 45,000 people in over 100 countries have ‘conquered the challenge’ and we’ve helped hundreds of couples – who felt they had “tried everything” without success – deliver babies from this event alone.

When it comes to transforming your fertility, I can promise you there is hope, and incredible value in mastering and applying the basics that I share during the #FertilityChallenge.

This is a free, online event – so you can participate from wherever you are in the world. Join the #FertilityChallenge here.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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