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"You have opened my eyes, heart and mind"



You have opened my eyes, heart and mind to a whole new (to me) side of infertility and no matter what happens I will be truly grateful.

It is the least I could do for you. I am getting healthier by the day and still have a long way to go but progress is progress, as you’ve said. Even if it just ends up being a healthier me and who knows what the future will hold, I have you to thank for it. I can’t imagine anyone taking on the world like you do, it still blows my mind. But you are so good at it. Stay beautiful my friend. Love ya bunches!

During the #FertilityChallenge I am going to be taking you through everything you need to know to optimise your chances of overcoming infertility, even when other treatments have failed.

If you have been struggling to conceive and you want to become a parent more than anything in the world, this will be THE MOST important 2 weeks of your life. I promise you, you will learn things your fertility specialists up until now have not told you about how you can transform your results.

You will have light bulb moments each day as you discover what I like to call the “things you didn’t even know you didn’t know”—which actually, in my opinion, encompass some of the biggest reasons why you are not yet pregnant and holding your baby in your arms right now.

During this remarkable FREE event, I’m going to be taking you through my entire FERTILE Methodology and The F.E.R.T.I.L.E. Method® – helping you make the changes required to transform your results.

I want to show you a different way towards the healthy family you dream about; a better way than what you’ve experienced so far—because, from my own personal and professional experience, I know it exists and I truly believe you deserve to live it now.

So join me!

Enter your name and email on this page and I’ll send you the details you need to begin transforming your results today! I’m really excited to have you on board and to be getting you started on this positively life-changing journey!!

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

We help couples struggling with fertility difficulties and recurrent miscarriages for over 2 years take home healthy babies, even when other treatments have failed. The Fertility Challenge online event is FREE and works to redefine fertility and empower couples through a proven, interactive and transformational 12-day journey on their path to parenthood. We have now successfully educated and inspired over 100,000 people in 100+ countries toward their dream of becoming a parent. Click Here to Register Today.