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"…so much power is taken away when you're out of control of your fertility.."


I’m undone with emotion tonight. Completely undone. In your voices I heard the sound of life, passion, conviction, determination, fresh resolve. I heard hope.

I’m crying right now!

The first doctor I went to told me to eats lots of ice cream to put on weight even after I had two babies at that weight. That was seven years ago.

I’ve had so many options but none have resonated like on here. I’ve finally heard what I always knew deep down (but the other options were way easier)…

I  swallowed lies  – that because we were mostly very healthy – the late nights, staying awake on a few shots of coffee through the day, binging on chocolate and not exercising regularly shouldn’t matter.

I let go of my own convictions because I had given up in my heart. I didn’t trust myself to make the right choices…

Somewhere between hearing ”it doesn’t make a difference for me if…”show the fuc* up’and ”your body is responding beautifully and you’re getting healthier every day” I realised you were ”reading my mail” I felt like you knew me!!

That was a relief to be challenged because so much power is taken away from you when you’re out of control of your fertility.

You are handing power back again. Truth and hope came flooding back in after 9 years of month after month yearning for this baby

…and I realise I’m truly in! I’m once again fully in and I know the day I came across the add for this challenge while mindlessly scrolling on Facebook was a strategic God incident not a coincidence!

You were just what we needed at just the right time and I know it’s just the beginning of the beginning.

Thank you Gabriela Rosa and AMAZING  team.

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Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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