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“I have a permanent smile on my face and I feel like shouting to the world I am pregnant!”

I had seen a pamphlet outside “Your Health” Manly about preconception care. I’d had difficulty with my menstrual cycle for the past year due to using the Pill and Depo Provera.

I met Gabriela Rosa in September 2004 and gave her my history. She thought it was worth me going on her program so we could conceive the baby we longed for.

I found Gabriela to be knowledgeable, professional and very supportive through the pre-conception process. I found myself feeling more relaxed when I discussed my issues with Gabriela. And many of these issues can be quite personal and emotional.

I love going to see Gabriela and often counted down the days to see her – she is so welcoming, supportive and genuinely interested in my charts, emotional state and lifestyle habits.

I love the thought of getting closer to our goal of conception/healthy pregnancy. With each visit Gabriela clearly highlighted the positives and the progress I had made. My charts started to improve this year, having longer cycles with two distinct phases.

In September 2005, after 12 months on the program and four conception attempts we found out we were 4 weeks pregnant. I couldn’t believe it – what we had been working towards for nearly 3 years was finally a reality.

We were up at Port Douglas at the time and we had been to the Great Barrier Reef that day. I did a test that afternoon and there was a faint second line. I wasn’t convinced I was pregnant– even though I had read the instruction five times.

I couldn’t sleep that night as I wanted to do another test in the morning. It was positive too with a darker second line. I couldn’t believe it, I found myself having to look back at the two tests for a few days.

I have a permanent smile on my face and I feel like shouting to the world “I am pregnant”. I am finding it hard to keep a secret but I will for a while yet.

My husband and I couldn’t be happier and I’m going to miss interpreting mucus changes and my husband shouting from the bathroom ‘What was your temperature? Is that good?”

I feel confident I have done everything I can to have a healthy baby and I thank Gabriela for her support, knowledge and laughs along the way. The time spent on Gabriela’s program has definitely been worth it.


Gabriela Rosa MScM, ND

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